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Thirty Before Thirty

I’ve seen an increasing number of these lists, and as much as I hate to be a part of the herd, no woman is an island.
I cannot escape the impending 3-0 scheduled to arrive Saturday 12 April 2014.

So here are my Thirty Before Thirty:

  1. Reach and sustain goal weight of XXX pounds. I’m not sure exactly what this number is, but I think it’s a comfortable pant/skirt size of 3/4 (27″). *I’m not including dress size, because my top half has always been (and will always be) disproportionately larger (I try not be bothered by the numbers since the fact that my breasts refuse to shrink as I lose weight doesn’t seem to annoy anyone other than myself).
  2. Learn to cook, and cook regularly!
  3. Stop picking, plucking, and biting.
  4. Complete a half-marathon.
  5. Complete a marathon.
  6. Build up lung capacity to be able to run 1 mile (at least) without stopping.
  7. Reupholster the two armchairs in the basement.
  8. Refurbish my dresser.
  9. Walk 10,000 steps a day for 31 days straight.
  10. Walk 15,000 steps a day for 31 days straight.
  11. Improve Hebrew to fluency.
  12. Improve French to fluency.
  13. Start playing violin again.
  14. Learn how to swim.
  15. Learn how to ride a bike.
  16. Finish B.S. in Zoology from OSU cum laude (at least).
  17. Get my shit organized! For realz!
  18. Get socially involved with Fitness! (Take classes: Yoga to improve form; Pilates; Kick-Boxing; Self-Defense; Weight-Lifting & Toning)
  19. Become more ProActive about Health (i.e. take all the stupid supplements I’m supposed to, and make sure all my vitals are solidly at healthy levels).
  20. Pay off debts.
  21. Become financially responsible/Improve credit.
  22. Maintain a significant balance in a savings account for six months straight.
  23. Get a car.
  24. Volunteer at animal shelter.
  25. Go camping (REAL camping).
  26. Read more from a book every day.
  27. Draw more.
  28. Write at least one book.
  29. Travel at least once every three months.
  30. Travel to a new city/state/country at least once a year.
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